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Social Media Post Ideas for Pet Business Owners
Posted on: September 15, 2020

Do you know what almost all pet business owners have in common when it comes to social media? Most pet business owners struggle with social media post ideas! Whether you’re just starting your pet sitting or dog walking business, or are looking for social media marketing tips to grow your pet business, PetBrainy can help you build a marketing plan that works for you. So today, we’re talking about how to get rid of that dreaded blank screen!

The MOST important social media marketing tip: CONSISTENCY!

You can have great social media content ideas, but if you don’t post consistently, no one is going to see them! That’s for two reasons. The almighty algorithm will show your content to more people if you post more often. If you only post now and then, that content you’ve worked so hard to make will never see the light of day! The other, less technical reason is that social media is at its heart, a social thing. You can have a pleasant experience with a person, but if you don’t see them again for a month, you aren’t going to feel particularly close to them. But, if they see something from you every day… it’s more like you’re part of their lives and not just a random advertisement!

Consistent Social Media Posts for your Pet Business starts with a PLAN!

We have found that the key to being a consistent poster on social media is…. good planning! It can be hard to carve out half an hour every day to brainstorm, make, and share a post. Things happen, the day gets away from you, and then suddenly… poof, you’ve missed the day you were planning on posting. What’s the solution? Making and batching your content ahead of time and using available tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to send out your content on a preset schedule. But to batch your content, you’ll need to know what you want to make… which brings us back to the problem. How do you find good social media content ideas?

It can be a lot easier to generate ideas for your social media content if you break your ideas up into categories. You start with a focus word to use as a springboard. “Post for my Pet Business” could be going anywhere. “Inspirational Posts for my Pet Business” starts to give you a REAL direction to head in. Another reason for the categories is that it makes scheduling a variety of posts for the week or month without hitting any one type too hard. Sure, everyone loves an inspirational quote, but when you’ve posted similar quotes all week, they start to lose their punch. By mixing up your categories throughout the week, you can keep things fresh and fun for your clients!

Social Media Post Ideas for Your Pet Business

7 categories of social media post ideas for your pet business

Social Media Post Idea Category #1: ENTERTAINING

We’re really lucky as pet business owners because we can use as many cute animal pictures as we’d like, and nobody can say it’s irrelevant! We’re double lucky because the internet is FULL of adorable and entertaining pet content.  While this content is people-pleasing, you do want to sprinkle in more substantial content categories too. Just like eating candy for every meal sounds like a good plan, it gets tiring faster than you might think.  Two of our favorite ideas in this category are Pet Specific Holidays and Weird Animal facts. For example… pandas don’t have designated sleeping spots- they just sleep wherever they are when they get tired. (And the facts only get weirder from there…)

Social Media Post Idea Category #2: INSPIRATIONAL

You never know when somebody needs a little inspiration to keep going.  Whether it be with beautiful pictures of animals that just make you feel like running away from civilization and running free, or motivational quotes like the classic “Hang In There!” posters, this can be a powerful category. This category allows you to provide content to your audience that they will connect with. It gives them that feel-good feeling. It’s always great when you can bring something positive into someone’s life.

Social Media Post Idea Category #3: CONNECTION

Show them the person behind the business! Rather than talking to them as a business owner all the time, post content that shows how human you are. Humans crave emotional connections, and this category gives you the freedom to build those connections. You can also give a behind the scenes peek or ask for your audience’s opinion/feedback on a project you are working on. People LOVE giving their opinions- give them a place to do that.

Social Media Post Idea Category #4: PROMOTIONAL

We know you love your business, and you want to talk about it with your clients. But if too many of your posts are talking about your business, well, we’ve all known that person who talks about themselves too much… and how annoying it is! You should make sure that no more than 20% of your posts fall under this category so you don’t come off as obnoxious. Some examples in this category are client testimonials or a job listing!  You can also share any service promotions or discounts you have going on.

Social Media Post Idea Category #5: COMMUNITY

People like to feel a part of a community. You can help build that feeling of camaraderie with your social media posts pretty easily. Are there any pet-related events going on around town? Tell them about it!  Or maybe highlight some of your employee’s stories- they’ll love knowing more than the name of the person taking care of their pets! You can also highlight other businesses in your community or give a local recommendation.

Social Media Post Idea Category #6: CONVERSATIONAL

Remember how we said people love giving their opinions? They love it, even more, when you ask them a specific question, and then have a conversation with them about it. They’ll feel like you LISTENED to them and that you VALUE their opinion!  Everyone likes feeling valued, and you can learn some interesting things. Bonus points if you can ask their advice on a specific dilemma!

Social Media Post Idea Category #7: EDUCATIONAL

This sounds like it would be the least popular category, but people enjoy the value provided by an educational post. They feel like they are getting something more concrete than just a chuckle. This also allows you to establish yourself as an expert. Two popular examples of educational posts are training tips or addressing common mistakes.

How do you use these categories in your social media posts?

Once you get a list of ideas, it’s simple. You know you need seven posts for the week, right? So come up with one idea in each category. When you go to prepare for the next week? Your clients won’t feel that you’re repetitive, and you won’t have to spend twenty minutes deciding what to post each day. Using a content calendar is a great way to plan your content.

Do you want more social media post ideas for your pet business?

PetBrainy knows that the idea of posting every day on social media can still feel impossible. So, we’ve gone the extra mile for you. That’s right, we’ve put together a list of 100 Social Media Post Ideas For Pet Businesses that you can download right now! Just fill out the form below and we’ll send it to your email completely FREE! PetBrainy is invested in helping you succeed. Check back next week for new content to help you run the best Pet Sitting Business you can.


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