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Shelley Beyer

6 Social Media Marketing Myths Hurting Your Pet Business!
Posted on: September 29, 2020

We may not be Myth busters, but we’re here to bust some social media marketing myths! These untrue ideas could be hurting your pet sitting business, and you might not even know it. Why? Because these particular misconceptions make social media marketing seem completely unrealistic, either by exaggerating expectations or overpromising results, both of which lead to crushing disappointment and then causing you to give up on the whole thing. 

Don’t do that to yourself! You’ve worked hard for your business, and you need to give it every opportunity to grow. If you let yourself be intimidated, then you’ll never see the growth that your company deserves. Think of all the puppies you won’t get to meet! 

But seriously – Don’t let these lies keep you from utilizing the most powerful marketing tool for the modern pet business.     

Social Media Marketing Myths 

There are many social media marketing myths, but today I’m going to go over 6 myths that could be hurting your pet business.

Myth #1: Social Media is Free

Since Social Media accounts are free to make, they don’t cost anything, right? Sure, if you only count the dollars.  However, a basic principle of economics called Opportunity Cost points out that there are many other kinds of costs. Your time is not free. The time you spend on social media is time you aren’t spending on something else. Like running your business. Like your family. Like sleep. All actions come at a cost of some other action. So, just because it doesn’t cost you cash, doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to take up valuable time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. How you spend yours is the difference between a productive day and a failed one.  

Myth #2: I need to be on EVERY Social Media Platform!

Just picture trying to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter every single day. Each of them has a unique approach…you wouldn’t have time to do anything else! We get sick just thinking about it! This is why we’re so glad that you should only focus on one traditional social media platform. 

If you’re doing content marketing, then you will also want to focus on one of the search engine platforms to help promote your valuable content. If you master the platforms and decide you want to add another, go get ‘em, tiger! But you only need one of each. Don’t stretch yourself thin. Remember, a Jack of All Trades is a Master of None. (Psst… Do you want more information on selecting the right social media platform? Check out our article here!  

Myth #3: I will be penalized for using automation tools

Some years ago, posts that were coming from third-party scheduling apps were being penalized in the Facebook Algorithm. It was a BIG deal. People used these apps to make their life easier. The convenience was being destroyed by an unfair algorithm choice. Facebook Listened to the complaint and…They stopped doing this officially in 2011.

Just to be sure they hadn’t started doing it again, Agora Pulse did some very objective testing and analyzed the data. They found that scheduled posts received no penalties, and in some cases even performed better. Want to see the research? Click here! Since Facebook and Instagram are run by the same people, this goes for Instagram too. Don’t worry, you can use whatever third party scheduling app you desire to plan out your daily posts. 

Myth #4: I need to post on Social Media multiple times a day!

Individual posts are easily buried on social media, and people check their feeds at different times of the day, so obviously, in order to be seen, you have to post several times throughout the day. That makes the whole idea of social media marketing seem like an impossible time drain! (And, as we have established, your time isn’t free!) That would be sound logic, except that…

While you do have to be consistent in order to stay relevant to your audience, nobody really wants to hear from ANYONE 10 times a day. Maybe their significant other. Maybe. All you really need to do is BE CONSISTENT. Your clients will come to trust you more if they can predict when, how, and where they will see you next! Even if you just go online and interact with them a little, they’ll feel more connected to you. 

You simply set a schedule you can be dedicated to, and stick to it. If your schedule is daily, good for you! If it’s not, that’s fine too. Just be reliably present with one good post that makes them feel like they really gained something, as opposed to five hollow posts they’ll forget about immediately. Posting aimless fluff several times a day is like giving them a family size bag of chips that’s mostly air. Don’t be a bag of air with chips in it. 

Social Media Marketing Myths hurting your pet business

Myth #5: I need to promote my business with every post!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and all they did was talk about themselves? They weren’t interested in what you were saying unless it was related to them. After escaping from that trap successfully, would you willingly start a conversation again with them if you saw them in the grocery store, or would you quickly turn down another aisle even if you didn’t need anything in that section? We can’t save you from the narcissists in your life, but we can keep you from becoming one in the eyes of your clients.

Yes, you have to talk about your business sometimes, but… only about 20% of your posts should be about your business! If that sounds like too little, picture this. If you post Monday through Friday and only talk about your business on Thursday, that’s 20% of your weekly posts. You’ll still get to talk about any deals or services, about once a week. The other 80% of the time, you should be giving them value instead of taking up their time with potato chip flavored air. (See Myth #4). Your clients will greatly appreciate the breathing room you give them, and they won’t mind when you talk about yourself. After all, they have gained so much from your quality content this week, the least they could do is hear you out!  

Myth #6: Social Media will get me lots of new clients!

When you picture growing your business with social media, it can invoke images of your client count soaring, and you have to turn people away because you just don’t have the staff. This fantasy may also involve diving into a money bin Scrooge McDuck style. Since I highly doubt you are a Scottish Billionaire…Or a duck… we need to discuss the reality of the situation which is that you may get some that way, but the primary purpose of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is for deepening your connection to your existing audience.

Remember that old saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”? That applies to clients too. WOWing the pants off your current clients can lead to more referrals, but that’s not really the purpose of what you’re doing with social media marketing. If you want to see substantial client growth, you’ll need to partner your social media marketing with Content, SEO, or Influencer Marketing.    

Social Media Marketing Myths… BUSTED!

Thank you so much for reading this. We know your time isn’t free, and now, so do you. Hopefully, you have learned something today. All those walls that these myths had built up between you and successful online social media marketing for your pet business, BOOM! GONE! 


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