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Repurpose Content for Your Pet Sitting Business
Posted on: November 24, 2020
Repurpose Content for Your Pet Sitting Business

Have you been making content for your pet sitting business website lately? In a relevant follow up question, do you repurpose content you’ve already made?

If you haven’t been making content at all, then you are missing out on valuable website traffic. Building your email list through the precious content posted on your website is a tool you cannot afford to skip, and it requires consistency. If you are curious about what content marketing is, we have an article for that! CLICK HERE to read it. We will be right here when you are ready. 

Just making all your delicious content won’t do you any good if no one has the pleasure of viewing it! On the other hand, you don’t want to burn yourself out by trying to create new content for every place you post. That is just crazy overwhelming! If you’re posting on three separate sites and making different content for each one, you won’t have any time left to, you know- run your business! 

Right now, you may feel intimidated by all the content creation. Have no fear, PetBrainy is here! In this article, we will be going over how to make the most of your content! Today we will be giving you a sneak-peek into our process; we will be showing how we take our weekly YouTube video and turn it into a multi-platform marketing marvel without all the headache.

The Reformat: The Ultimate Way to Repurpose Content

Once you’ve made the material, it’s not hard to transform it into another medium. Since this is the most intensive of the suggestions on this list, we figured it would be best to start here. 

If you’ve made a video, write a blog about it. You can make it even easier by ordering a transcription from a service such as Rev. While we don’t necessarily recommend posting the transcription directly as a blog, it certainly does give you a place to start. Why spend time finding new words when you’ve already got them on video? As another bonus, if you choose to rewrite it entirely, the transcription will make for a better reference than a video. You also have more control over a blog post than you do your YouTube video. 

If you wrote a blog already, it’s easy to transform it into a podcast. There are plugins like Play or Woord that will convert your written word automatically into speech, though your clients will probably prefer a more personal touch. Record your narration, or you can even hire professionals to fill in. Check out this guide for more information on converting a blog to a podcast. If you’re feeling very ambitious, you can even turn it into a video!

If you have made a podcast, consider turning it into a blog. Start with a transcript and make edits. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do that yourself- but you can also outsource it entirely if your budget allows. Or, for a real adventure, turn it into a video! You don’t even have to be in the video! You can use a tool like this one to convert to a video with graphics

The Snippet: Sneak Peeks Spark Interest

You are ready to start telling everyone about what you have made! We’re happy to announce that this part isn’t usually too time-consuming. You have already done the hard part: making the original content. Because we do this for video, we’re going to be discussing it primarily from that perspective. 

Making a sneak-peek on Instagram is easy. You will want to create an IGTV trailer and an IG Story. For the trailer, you will need about a minute of the video, and for your Story, you will use a 15-second snippet. Choose a section that is attention-grabbing and discusses the topic of your video. They need to know what kind of information they can expect from a full video. 

If you are using Facebook, it is a similar process. You make a teaser, like the one for Instagram, but keep it to under two minutes. Write up a little text talking about your new video and then link them to the full video on the day of your video release.

If you went with a blog or podcast instead, share an impactful quote or audio clip. If you are using a quote from your blog, consider making it eye-popping in a program like Canva to help it be a little more exciting in their social media feeds. The goal of your sneak-peek is to pique their interest. 

Repurposing content for pet sitting businesses

The Fun Side: Show Your Silly Side

There are many types of visuals that you can send out. Running and marketing your business does not have to be serious all the time. If you only show your business side, you run the risk of seeming unapproachable or too perfect. Even though that sounds like the best misconception ever, it can sometimes scare clients away. 

There is nothing a person likes more than an expert showing off their human side. We feel more at ease when we see the person interacting with us as a real, not a perfect, individual. The best part about this is that it is incredibly easy to do! Just let loose in front of the camera! Show off your personality and do something silly. You can edit it however you like. Another beneficial aspect of it is that you can post it on both Facebook and Instagram without much editing (try putting it in your IG Reels). If you made a video and you do something funny in your video, you can use that clip instead of filming a new one!

If you are doing a blog or a podcast, you can record some silly GIFs of yourself.  Don’t worry, if you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself, find some silly animal pictures or videos to post with your content. It will help add a little fun into your feed, and people love things that make them laugh. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

The Pin Up: Use Pinterest to Repurpose Content

Since Pinterest is a search engine, it is a great platform to find information – and thus, a perfect place for you to promote your content! You’ll want to create appealing visuals for all of your content. (We recommend Canva – it’s free!) It’s really simple -you upload your graphic, a link to your content, and a short description about it, and that’s it! You can even make it so someone can pin your content directly from your website. Pretty much, it is the equivalent of word of mouth. 

The Invitation: Email Your List

It would be easy to wait for all your email list people to remember you exist and eventually come back, but you didn’t start your business to wait for opportunities to fall in your lap. You are a doer. It’s time to do something with your content. You will need to draft a simple, professional email for each piece of content you make and directly invite your whole list to watch/listen/read what you’ve made! You cannot skip this step! It is one of the most significant steps in email marketing! 

It’s the professional equivalent of pulling a video up on your phone to show it to your friend. If you are excited to share what you’ve created, then they will be excited to check it out. You will strengthen that relationship with them by doing this. After all, you are not just making content for no reason; you want them to come and see it. So, reach out to them. Shout it from the email rooftops!

The Rebound: Repurpose Content With Tactical Reposting

Your audience has a variety of content on their feed; it’s easy to miss some things. You cannot guarantee that everyone sees your posts, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. By reposting older content a few weeks later, you can increase the odds of being seen considerably. Not to mention, you may have new followers.

A word of caution to this tale, remember when you watch TV, and you see the same ad every commercial break? That is obnoxious. Please do not be that person. Mix it up. Make sure that you repost more than just the same video, image, or article. If you don’t have a variety in your reposting, your audience will tune you out or get annoyed. They may even unfollow you! Yikes.

Repurpose Content to Grow Your Business

You do not have to reinvent the wheel to repurpose your content. Some useful tools and a good reposting strategy will help you make the most of all the content you make for your pet sitting business. After all, you put a lot of work into it, and you owe it to yourself and your business to make the most of it. As you continue marketing, you may discover other ways to recycle your content to strengthen your business and make your life just a little easier.

When you do, be sure to let us know! 

If you are looking for more information about email marketing, then check out the start of our series HERE, or you can WATCH IT HERE.

Are you unsure about writing engaging emails? Next week, we will be talking about how to write subject lines that encourage people to open your emails! Be sure you don’t miss it! 


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