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Landing Page Basics for Pet Sitting Businesses
Posted on: November 10, 2020

So, do you have some killer lead magnet idea, but don’t know how to create a landing page?

How do they claim your lead magnet?

You may be thinking that putting a link on your home page would be best, right? Well, take a look at your home page. What kinds of potential distractions are there? A person searching for information could get lost. If they get distracted browsing your website, they may forget to sign up for your lead magnet.

Landing pages are a perfect solution to this! Rather than sending your potential client to a minefield of choices on your home page, you’ll send an interested client directly to a landing page dedicated to your freebie. It’s like a shortcut to what everyone wants- they want the freebie, and you want them to get it! So, rather than having to take a weird layover on the Home Page, you’ll set your clients up on a direct flight to the Lead Magnet.

8 Elements Your Landing Page Should Have

Designing a landing page that converts is easy, but there are some key elements your landing page should have. Follow our simple tips below!

#1: Logo and Contact Information Should Be on the Landing Page

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you know how confusing it can be to open up a page, and it doesn’t look at all like what you were expecting. It’s like stepping outside and not being able to see any street signs. You’re not entirely sure where you are.

When a user gets confused on the internet, they close the page. It’s a lot easier of a fix than being lost on a new street. Unidentifiable web pages wave red flags for a savvy client, and they will leave without finishing the process! So, you want to make sure that your logo is on your landing page. You’ll also want to include your contact information as well. Having these two things will help your potential client feel that they are in the right place – and that it’s a legitimate business, not a sketchy front.

#2: No Navigation Menu or Social Media Links on the Landing Page

It’s so easy and natural to have your navigation menu at the top of every page of your website. After all, you want them to be able to get around.

Humans are very easily distracted, and our attention spans are shorter than ever. If they see more information available on your landing page, they may decide to go read that and forget to sign up for your freebie. It happens. So, no outside links on the landing page. Your clients are looking for one thing- how to claim your freebie. That should be the only thing they can interact with on that page. Otherwise, you run the risk of them getting flustered, confused, or distracted. None of those are ideal, so keep it nice and clean.

#3: Picture of the Lead Magnet

Make sure and include an image that highlights your lead magnet. It will assure your potential client that they are on the right page. Remember, there’s a lot of scams out there on the internet, and it may be sad, but people handing out information online, even just an email address, need a lot of reassurance that the product they are signing up for is a real product.

So the graphic should proudly showcase your opt-in offer, whatever that might be. Literal pictures of the product, if possible, work well.

#4: A Clear Heading

Your heading should be concise and to the point. The text should be large, so it catches the attention of your audience and gives a reason to keep reading. Your heading should specify that your freebie is FREE. There’s nothing worse than signing up for an offer and find that there are rules in the fine print. Your visitor will feel a lot better if the heading proudly declares that the product is FREE!

#5: Description of Lead Magnet

The description is where you do the actual communicating of complex ideas. This text shouldn’t be as big as the heading. It should go a little more into depth about the opt-in and why it can benefit them. If you bore them, they’ll click away from the page. Stay on topic, and don’t babble, or they’ll start to think it’s a scam. Focus on what the freebie is and WHY they should download it. The value it gives them will be the reason they download it, so make sure they know what that value is.

landing pages for pet sitting businesses

#6: Bullet Pointed Benefits

Even a few sentences can be too much reading for some people. Some of your visitors will want the facts presented in bullet points. People are busy, and reading all the words takes time they may not have. So, oblige them! Take the key benefits of your freebie, and describe them in as few words as possible.

It’s very satisfying for a customer to feel like they know what to expect, so make the bullet points straightforward. It also looks professional.

#7: Clear Call to Action on the Landing Page

Remember earlier when we said that you needed to give them no distractions, just the one button to click to sign up? It’s called a Call to Action because it is telling them what to do. If you’ve done everything else right, they have read your heading and your description and are excited to download their free goodie from you.

You’ll need to strike while that iron is hot. Make sure that this button is easy to find so that they can click it on impulse. Green is a great color for this button because we associate it with good things like green lights meaning GO, and of course, money. But, the color should be one that stands out on your webpage. Sure, you’d like it to match your branding, but what you need is for that button to stand out so that the client’s eye is drawn to it instinctively! (Make sure it doesn’t CLASH, or they might close it on instinct)

#8: Privacy Policy on the Landing Page

A Privacy Policy isn’t just a good idea. It’s the law. They need to be able to see the details of what you plan to do with their information, and that information needs to be readily available to them during this process. You should already have one on your website, so it’s easy to link it to the landing page.

The Privacy Policy is an exception to the no other links but the Call to Action. This link can and should be, understated compared to the flashy Call to Action button. After all, the Privacy Policy is one of those things they CAN read if they want to but isn’t the button that’s going to give them a free goodie. The design should reflect that as part of the no distractions policy.

Does My Landing Page Have to Be on My Website?

It doesn’t have to be, but it’s a lot easier if it is. You have a lot of freedom, and it won’t cost you anything to build a landing page. Just take the headers and the footers off a new page, and mark it as hidden. That way, the only way to get there is by the direct link you’ll hand out.

But, if for some reason, you don’t have a website, there is still hope! After all, this is the internet. There’s always a way to do something. You can use such sites as ClickFunnels and LeadPages to host a landing page. But be aware, these services usually come at a fee. Do your research before committing to this, or any marketing plan, and do what’s best for your business!

Landing Page Looking Empty?

Are you ready to build a landing page? We thought you might be. We have some lead magnet ideas if you’re still looking for ideas on what to offer. We at PetBrainy put together some Lead Magnet Templates for you. One is the New Puppy Guide, cleverly themed after the classic parenting book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The other is a compilation of delicious pet-friendly treats. Both of those goodies are available for free right here!

Next week, we’ll have an article and video about what to do with this email list you’ve been building! So, make sure to check back next week!

Lead Magnet ideas for pet sitting businesses


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