The PetBrainy Circle

You’re Not Alone!

Who are we and how can we help?

Hello! My name is Shelley Beyer, the founder of PetBrainy. I’m so excited you’re here. As I was building my own pet business, I had so many questions. I would google my questions and join Facebook groups trying to get the answers. Sometimes I felt a little shy to ask questions in the Facebook groups because I saw other people’s responses. Although people’s intentions were good, sometimes it didn’t feel like a safe place to ask my questions. I found it challenging to find answers to questions in the Facebook groups. I found myself spending way too much time reading through long threads and comments, trying to get that little nugget of good information. Who has time for that? I know I don’t!

When I’m confused or need help, I want to have a conversation with someone who has already navigated through that same experience. Little bits of information through threads aren’t helpful when trying to make an informed decision.    

I kept thinking that there must be a better way for pet business owners to learn, share experiences, and build life-long friendships with like-minded people.

I was determined to solve this problem that we all face every day. I am happy to tell you, problem solved!!! I have the answer, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I’m excited to share the PetBrainy Circle with you. Inside the PetBrainy Circle, you will:

  1. Get answers to the questions you can’t just Google 
  2. Learn faster and make better decisions about the topics you care about most
  3. Share stories, experiences, and ideas (not advice)
  4. Find inspiration from other members who are on the same path


The purpose of building this community is to give pet business owners a safe place, without a lot of outside distractions, where they can come together to help each other learn. As a pet business owner myself, I understand your fears, your worries, and the day-to-day grind that you face. 

We’re all about helping you build the pet business of your dreams and create the success you want while making life-long friendships and having fun. Whether you’re just starting your own pet business or you’re already a pet business owner and are looking for more help and support to grow, – we’ve got you covered. We have so many resources to help you make the progress you want, no matter what stage you are in.

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